Image from Hockey Quebec announcing the suspension of activities in the covid red zones

Earlier this afternoon at a press conference, Ms. Isabelle Charest, Minister of Education and Minister responsible for the Status of Women, announced a break in all organized sports activities for regions in red alert level (zone) in Quebec, starting Thursday, October 8 until October 28, 2020. In a voice message to federations, Ms. Charest reminded them that the objective of this announcement is to avoid gatherings.

As a result, Hockey Québec is obligated to suspend the games and practices of its associations and organizations in a red zone for this same period.

This measure also applies to people living in a red zone, which means that an organization in a yellow or orange (green) zone cannot host participants living in the red zone.

“Our return plan includes 6 phases, each designed to respect the various instructions announced by Public Health. Our phase 3 (supervised training of individual skills) corresponds to the new restrictions and could very well have allowed individual and supervised practice of our young players, in order to ensure the safety of all,” said Paul Ménard, General Director of Hockey Québec.

Since the beginning of activities, Hockey Québec has noted the efforts and work undertaken by its members and stakeholders to provide a safe environment for Quebecers.

“In addition to our communication chain and the safety rules included in the Return to Hockey Plan, we have equipped them, notably with the COVID-19 intervention guide, the Confirmed Case Procedure, the self-assessment form and the creation of the position of COVID-19 health/safety officer who is present at every activity on the ice. “

“Considering all these efforts, we are disappointed with the turn of events and share your misunderstanding following this announcement. “

Hockey Québec reminds that in yellow and orange (green) zones, hockey can continue according to the directives determined in each of the regional alert levels in effect.

“We invite our members in yellow and orange zones to continue their activities at the local level (intra-association/organization). While waiting for the resumption of activities in red zones, we ask all our members, parents/guardians, players, coaches, officials, volunteers, to respect the safety rules requested by the Public Health Department in order to ensure a quick return to play”, concluded Mr. Ménard.

Hockey Québec, on behalf of all our young people, thanks you for your collaboration.

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